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Today in Ketchikan

Airship Goes to Alaska 2016 This is a story about a bus ride. Here’s us today: coffee, work, work, work, breakfast, more work, go to the grocery store, back to the boat, more work, watch cruise ships leave, more work. Later we’re going to have dinner over at the Bar…


Ray Troll: The Man, the Myth, the Ratfish

You remember the ratfish incident in Port Harvey, right? (Click that link if you don't.) Well the ratfish has crept into many conversations since then…the weird "girl grabbing appendage" (called a tenaculum) on its head that grabs with little Velcro-like hooks onto the fin of the female ratfish during mating,…

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Filet-O-Fish® and Portrait Photography

Yesterday on our way to pick up some groceries in Port Townsend, we walked past a McDonald’s. In the window was a large poster advertising the Filet-O-Fish® sandwich, two bucks on Fridays. Admittedly, I’m not the target demographic for McDonald's (at all), but I was mesmerized by this photograph. I…

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Comacchio Man

I forgot to post this one in my last post, so I gave it a bit of special vintage treatment and now it gets its own post: