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Bodega to Calistoga (and the Farmlet!)

This morning we got up, did some work, and then rode our bikes out to Bodega Head in the fog. This shot was from our campsite:


View of Porto Bodega Marina from across the back side of the bay. One of those dots is our Airstream:


We rode out to Bodega Head and then on the way back stopped (again!) at Sput Point Crab Company. We ordered a couple of crab sandwiches (for breakfast), and took home a whole crab and four cups of clam chowder (because OMG this clam chowder is amazing!) They are super serious (and right) about the clam chowder being addictive.


A bit more work back at camp, and then we headed inland. First stop: Dave and Ann's Farmlet in Petaluma. We traveled with Dave and Ann (and Wynne! she's 2 now!) during last year's Canadian Caravan and it was so nice to catch up with them! They've got a beautiful farm just outside of Petaluma, with sheep, chickens, a rooster (a rooster that Wynne named "Chicken" … how confusing is that?), and a sweet and friendly pig named Petunia. 


That's the chicken called "Honey" there next to to one of the Suffolk sheep:





Here's where we had lunch. Oh, and lunch: brussels sprouts and kale salad (delicious), brie, crackers, strawberries, and some cured pork from one of Dave & Ann's farm pigs…the ones who don't have names.


And here's Wynne, totally pushing the boundaries of this rocking thingy, but then watching carefully that she didn't go off the back edge. She's adorable.


After we said goodbye to the Dave and Ann (and Leslie and Chris, who joined us at the Farmlet today, and who we also met up with in Bodega Bay at Gourmet au Bay a few days ago) we headed into Calistoga to our next location. This is such a beautiful area! We set up camp, did some more work, and then took a before-dark bike ride to explore a bit (another 7 miles). 





We ended up grabbing dinner at Bosko's Italiana Trattoria in town and it was really good: spinach salad, chicken marsala, and a rigatoni dish with chicken breast, peas, prosciutto, and a cream sauce.

I've been working out a plan for the week…one that works with our work week to include bike rides and wineries. Also…this place!!



  1. Love the photos of the farmlet! I can’t wait to move in to their driveway!

  2. Leigh, it’s just gorgeous…I know you’ll love it!

  3. The Farmlet looks amazing! We are hoping to go meet them this week. 🙂 Also – let me know if you make it to the Old Faithful thing. I was tempted to go 2 summers ago and my mother in law said it wasn’t worth it. Didn’t know about the fainting goats though.

  4. Where are you staying in Calistoga?

  5. We stayed at the Napa Valley Fairgrounds…there’s an RV park part of it that has full hookups. It’s not glamorous, but the location was great.

  6. Leigh Leigh

    That place is crazy photogenic!!


    What a great camp host! Thanks for sharing the great pictures.

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