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Tag: Bodega Bay

Bodega Bay

We really really love Bodega Bay. You know when you go somewhere and the place just resonates perfectly with you? For whatever reason…this place did that. The combination of all the hiking trails along the coastal bluffs, the funky Hitchcock history (The Birds!!!), the friends we met the first time…


SF to Bodega Bay

So happy to be back here. We are over at Porto Bodega Marina this time, parked right on the bay. (Looks like sunset with a martini is in our near future, doesn't it? Just the sounds of seagulls and sea lions. No screaming children. Ahhhh. The spots are large, with…


The Boathouse for fish & chips, then hiking Bodega Head

Today we went out to grab some lunch and on Kyle's recommendation we stopped in at The Boathouse for some fish & chips. They were great…good crunchy batter, good fish…although I did hear the guy at the counter tell another customer that the cod they're using right now came from…

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