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Tag: Bike Friday

“America’s House of Sparkling Wine”

Schramsberg Vineyards was founded in 1862 and they make sparkling wines in the traditional French method (méthode champenoise), where the wine undergoes a secondary fermentation in the bottle. (All champagne and most sparkling wine is made using this method — also referred to as méthode traditionnelle.) Anyway, one of the tour/tastings…


Bodega Bay

We really really love Bodega Bay. You know when you go somewhere and the place just resonates perfectly with you? For whatever reason…this place did that. The combination of all the hiking trails along the coastal bluffs, the funky Hitchcock history (The Birds!!!), the friends we met the first time…


The Airstream is Clean and We’re Heading to California

We washed the Airstream last weekend and in a couple days we'll head south to Eugene to pick up our new Bike Fridays, then continue on to Napa/Calistoga/San Jose for a couple weeks (work trip, mostly) where we'll start to break in our new leather Brooks saddles in our spare…