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Making Miles at Night


We finally got our FABULOUS bikes from Bike Friday (they needed a few tweaks and things before we headed to California with 'em) late yesterday afternoon which gave us barely two days to get to Bodega Bay to make our plans (and about 9 hours of driving).

The drive wasn't bad at all, really. I drove the first three hours and Kevin drove the last two. We left Eugene at  5:30pm and made it to a Walmart parking lot just south of Redding by about 11:30pm. We've got 4 hours left to go today, which should be a breeze. We need to stop at a bike shop and procure a couple of good locks for these sweet rides, but that'll probably be our only stop.  (Yes, photos of the bikes will be forthcoming.)

Here's us, waiting patiently for our bikes. Yes, we're camped out in the parking lot, but we weren't really Camped Out in the parking lot:



  1. Bodega Bay? How fun!! We will probably miss you. Planning on time between Petaluma/Green Valley with family until about Wednesday when we’ll head out to Olema and Point Reyes and THEN Bodega Bay. Would love to meet up if it works out! Maybe we’ll just have to make a special trip out. 😉

  2. Some very good looking bikes….
    If you don’t mind, I have a question. I would like to know the distance from the seat post to the handlebar post. I’m interested in the bike but has a dog carrier we use that would need to fit on it. I need at least 19.5″ or it would not fit. If you could check and let me know that would be GREAT!

  3. Doug,
    The bikes were made specifically FOR each of us so that measurement is going to be way different. Depends on the size of the rider, their preferred riding style, etc. I could give you the measurement, but if you had a bike made for you, yours would likely be different still.

  4. rlandis rlandis

    Where’s the upcoming AS itinerary??

    • Meeting some friends at Stub Stewart State Park (not too far from Portland), then up into Washington…Port Townsend…maybe into Canada a bit. Plans are not quite solid yet as to the “wheres” just got the “whens” figured out so far.

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