Dry Camping

More Port Townsend, Again

I know you want to see more photos of Port Townsend, don't you? 


After work we rode our bikes around some more, enjoying the gorgeous weather. Where we're staying (Point Hudson Marina and RV Park) is just beyond all those docks in the above photo, on the right. 

Back at our campsite we grilled up some salmon for dinner with an arugula salad, and then headed back into town on the bikes to catch the movie Chef, playing at the Rose Theater. What a great theater...popcorn with real butter, and a little bar of seasonings to choose from. I put Parmesan, brewer's yeast, a little salt, and chili powder on mine. Kevin did Parmesan, yeast, and a hickory smoke seasoning. Yummy! The movie was super cute...we really enjoyed it!


After the movie (at 9:15pm) it was still light out, so we rode back to the Airstream to grab jackets and happened upon a couple from France taking a photo of the trailer. The man said they LOVE Airstreams in France and we invited them in to take a look. They were sweet. Also, just before we arrived there were apparently several otters right down on the dock! Dangit! We missed 'em! (The couple from France showed us photos though....they were right there!! So cute.)

We headed back into town and rode along the waterfront a bit...windy tonight, but beautiful.



Tomorrow we're off to Bellingham!

More Port Townsend


Last night we went out for another bike ride around town. This place is AMAZING when the weather is as good as it's been the past couple days. It's so clear and from my Airstream office here I can see the Olympic mountain range, Mt. Rainier, Mt. Baker and the Northern Cascades. (I can see Canada from my porch!) :)


Driftwood sculpture:


Last night for dinner I pounded out a couple of chicken breasts, browned one side in some oil, then rolled them around a couple pieces of prosciutto, some asparagus, and a little bit of parmesan cheese, then closed 'em up with toothpicks. Kevin smoked/cooked them on the Traeger. They came out great! Here's the original recipe (sort of). Last night I forgot the tomato, but it wouldn't have fit anyway. I don't have a meat pounder in the Airstream so I improvised with a jar of almond butter inside a Ziploc freezer bag, and the meat didn't get as thin as I'd ideally want it to be. It was super tasty though!

View from the Airstream dinner table last night:


We'll be here at the marina working for most of the day today, but I couldn't dream of a better office.

Bicycling Around Port Townsend


This afternoon we took a break and rode our bikes over to Fort Worden State Park to check it out. It's nice...seems like a great place to stay...but I like our spot here at the marina way better. But that's just me. You might prefer Fort Worden. Full hookups, beach right there, a cute little laundromat, a lighthouse. In fact, you'd definitely like it better. Forget I told you about the marina campground at all. :)

The fog came in and hung around for a little bit this morning, but it's back to being sunny and clear and perfect now. Whew! Every single time we've been to Port Townsend it's been perfect, Chamber of Commerce weather. (It's not usually like this...you can tell by how excited the locals always are.)

More Fort Worden:


The lighthouse:


After checking out the Fort Worden campground, we headed over to the Safeway in town to gather some groceries. We used our Reclamation Department bags as panniers, and I put my Brooks basket on for carrying stuff back home.


Cutting back across the peninsula:


Riding through town along Water Street:


The Airstream and Point Hudson Marina RV Park taken from across the marina at the Northwest Maritime Center:


We put our groceries away and walked not very far at all over to Doc's Marina Grill for some lunch (we shared some fish & chips and a crab louie salad, both very good). We sat inside by a window, but they also have a nice big deck with lots of outside seating, and they'll give you a loaner straw hat to wear out there when it's really sunny (there are no shade umbrellas at the tables). It's pretty cute though...all these people wearing straw hats on the deck. Right outside our window I registered two middle-aged women wearing straw hats with pink and purple fabric on them, eating salads...but then, oh hang on, no...it's two 20-something guys with muscles eating salads! Pretty great.

Tomorrow night we're going to ride our bikes into town and check out the Rose Theater (on Leigh & Brian's recommendation). 

And now, back to work!

Oh yeah, here's our route: