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Behm Canal | Walker Cove to Fitzgibbon Cove

Airship Goes to Alaska 2016 Reflected¬†landscape at Walker Cove: Also, those are bears eating grass, just below the AK flag on the bow: We left Walker Cove yesterday¬†morning just after 9am (and after getting 5 more Dungeness in the traps). It rained ALL night the night before. By morning the…

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Another Day in Ashland

We got up earlyish this morning and decided to head over to the Morning Glory Restaurant for breakfast. The place has great reviews on Yelp and it did not disappoint. Breakfast was great, and just the fuel we needed for another bike ride. Today we drove up to Central Point…

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Coastal Living Magazine – April 2014

Remember last May when we told you we were being interviewed and photographed for an article on Airstreaming for Coastal Living Magazine (along with Kristiana Spaulding and Deke & Tiffani Waters)? Well here it is!  Coastal Living April 2014 is available on newsstands now. I haven't found a copy yet (here,…


The Airstream is Clean and We’re Heading to California

We washed the Airstream last weekend and in a couple days we'll head south to Eugene to pick up our new Bike Fridays, then continue on to Napa/Calistoga/San Jose for a couple weeks (work trip, mostly) where we'll start to break in our new leather Brooks saddles in our spare…


Aluminogan Day Two

Today was spectacular. We did an awesome group hike up the road, around the back and to the top of the mountain, and then back down the front to our campsite (about 4 miles). Some shots from the hike: Interesting sign at some of the neighboring property: Zoom in here:…