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Random Photo from a Past Roadtrip

Kentucky river

I was tired of looking at that door latch at the top of the blog, so here's a photo of our campsite on the Kentucky River near Frankfort, Kentucky last fall. Wouldn't mind being here right now instead of standing at my desk at home working. 

  • Fabulous!

  • Beautiful photo!

  • Roger Smith

    Very nice and simple. It is very helpful to have the cards. We got ours before Alumafandango last August. Hmmm…. Now I will have to have a blog post too.

    Might have been nice to have your Airstream way at the other end of the road!

  • June Aloia

    I like ’em! I made mine too fancy & they were hard to read. Your old ones were cool but easily lost. We’re thinking of going the motor coach route now that my mom is with us so will be in the market for new ones too.

  • Doug Trout

    I like the simplicity and the font. Is the picture on top the back of the card? I remember that photo when you posted it. I think it from the Badlands in South Dakota. What a great shot. I love the contrast of the new road with the timeless brown badlands and the blue sky. Awesome.

    • Thanks so much Doug! Yeah, that’s the back of the card (with that shot from the Badlands). It seemed such a perfect theme/image for traveling, open road, the future and the past, etc. 🙂