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Fish & Chips and Tall Ships in Ilwaco


Late this morning (after we decided to stay here at Skamokawa one more day) we decided to drive into Ilwaco to get some lunch and to stop at the fish market we usually go to when we're in the area ( Jessie's Ilwaco Fish Market) to get some fresh seafood for dinner.

When we got to the port, we noticed there were two tall ships docked there: the Lady Washington and the Hawaiian Chieftain. For three bucks per person (suggested donation) you could go aboard and check 'em out for yourself. So we did, and they were pretty cool. 




We had some fish 'n chips (along with some oysters and shrimp…part of a combo) at Imperial Seafood (good, but not as good as the Bandon Fish House on the Oregon Coast) and then we walked around the waterfront a bit before heading over to Jessie's. We picked up some fresh caught ling cod, some steamer clams, and two whole cooked crabs. Should keep us busy for a couple days!

There was something kinda great about just the tail of this halibut sticking out:


Tonight's dinner will be clams in a saffron garlic broth with a salad and a piece of garlic bread. 🙂