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Dinner tonight is a shrimp and veggie stir fry. I started with oil (sesame and canola), some chopped fresh ginger, and some roasted garlic. A few minutes in I added thinly sliced leeks. Then broccoli, then mushrooms, then cabbage along with some hoisin sauce, mirin, soy sauce, etc., then shrimp…

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Good as New

It has been SO LONG since we posted anything here.  Sorry about that.  Our Airstream was in the shop for a few weeks due to some damage (will write about that in a future, longer post) and we just picked it up yesterday.  We had it in Portland at Airstream…

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Mutual of Omaha

We're back at Skamokawa with the Airstream (and the Hobie).  Yesterday we were sailing out in the Columbia, and noticed a bunch of seagulls hanging out close to the water about a hundred yards away from us.  I noticed some splashing, but none of the birds was diving to create…

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Kevin is the most patient marshmallow roaster I know.  He holds them just the right amount over the flame, slowly turning them so they develop that perfectly golden exterior.  The interior gets gooier and gooier, and pretty soon they start to look like they're going to drop off the stick…

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Floor Plan

The more nights we chalk up in our new Airstream the more I appreciate this floor plan. I believe tonight will be our 23rd in a row, and nothing bugs me about it. At all. It's extremely livable and at this point I still haven't felt the need for more…

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