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Mutual of Omaha

We're back at Skamokawa with the Airstream (and the Hobie).  Yesterday we were sailing out in the Columbia, and noticed a bunch of seagulls hanging out close to the water about a hundred yards away from us.  I noticed some splashing, but none of the birds was diving to create that much splash.  We thought maybe salmon were feeding (and jumping?) so we decided to get a little closer.  We eventually realized that what we were seeing was a fairly large sea lion flinging a salmon to death (or at least to some state of submission) before pointing his nose to the sky with his large chest part of the way out of the water and DEVOURING IT WHOLE.  And then…repeat.  We watched the sea lion do this twice while the seagulls dove in toward him in little bursts hoping to get some scraps.  (I think when you devour something whole there are no scraps.)  It was an amazing thing to witness.  We got some iPhone video, but the closest we got was maybe 30 yards, so it's probably not that great.  If (when we see it on a larger screen) it is, we'll put it up here.  

WHOA.  So cool.

(Posted by Laura)