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LED sad face

One of our LEDs apparently suffered from infant mortality. Kinda cute that it demonstrated its own demise with a little sad face. (We get our replacements here at Airstream.) (You thought we'd gotten a disco ball for the Airstream, didn't you?) (Posted by Laura)

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I was reading Tiffany's blog Camp1899 and found this thoughful post about competition and comparison with regard to other people's blogs/lifestyles/cute hair/whatever, and it led me then to this post over on the Creature Comforts blog about the gap in true reality and the presentation of reality on blogs. I think…

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Yesterday was flying weather. Today, not so much.

Today is our temporary neighbor Kyle Bolstad's birthday, and we were hoping to take him for a flight in the Cirrus (the other silver RV)…perhaps a little sightseeing flight along the Oregon Coast. Today, as it turns out, is not really the day for that. Few clouds at 900', broken…


“Small rooms and dwellings set the mind on the right path, large ones cause it to go astray.”

That's a quote from Leonardo DaVinci, and something I heard in this video about the smallest legal apartment in San Francisco: 160sf. About the size of our Airstream! Patrick Kennedy is a housing developer who likes to build small. His vision is to build the housing equivalent of the Smart…

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