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Awwwww. Home again for a few.

We had such a wonderful time visiting Deke and Tiffani up near Seattle last week! Great conversation, great food, a bit of exploring (and some work, of course). It was a blast, and can't wait til the next time!

Here we are on our way out. Sad face.


On the way home we saw another Airstream…an older Excella…as we passed them (I was driving) I looked over and smiled (because that's totally what you do, when you have an Airstream and you see another Airstream), but there was no one looking or smiling back. So weird! I immediately said "Maybe they stole it and they don't want anyone to see their faces!!"


Or maybe they were just focused on Portland traffic. Oh well.

We've now spent 303 nights in our 27' Airstream, and 458 nights total in both our old and new Airstreams (according to our little travel logbook). I think we're a little behind on the "half time" goal, so we'll need to fix that soon! We've got plans to head south in a few weeks (California and beyond) and another longer trip planned after that, so I think we're good.

(Posted by Laura)


  1. Such an interesting statistic – made me check ours. (not trying to one up you!)

    654 in old
    228 in the new

    882 total

  2. That’s great Leigh! We keep a little log with notes for where we stay, what night number it is (now we have night in new AS over nights total in AS’s). It’s fun to keep track! – Laura

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