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Stormy Weather, a Suspension Bridge, and Fried Chicken and Whiskey

This afternoon after we finished our work we took a little sightseeing drive toward Carnation, WA. We wanted to get out a bit and it was raining like crazy (with an occasional loud boom of thunder…doesn't everyone think of going out driving when it's like that?) I thought we should go check out a campground/park I saw on the map (Tolt-MacDonald Park and Campground), because it had a 500 foot suspension bridge that crossed the Snoqualmie River. 


On one side of the bridge (the side where we parked) there's a campground with RV sites…mostly pull-through spots with water and electric I think, arranged around an open meadow. On the other side of the bridge are walk-in tent sites and yurts. Super pretty area…completely empty except for a camp host.


Kevin and Tiffani on the bridge:


The other side of the river (the side with the yurts and tent sites):


We then drove through Carnation and Duvall before looping around and going home on the other side of the valley. By the time we returned to the Airstream, the weather had cleared and moved into that great "sunny and bright with dark gray sky" look. Love it.

This evening we went and had fried chicken and whiskey at Ma'Ono Fried Chicken and Whiskey, and everything was delicious. If you're ever in West Seattle and that sounds like your thing, try it. It just might be. Great food, cool atmosphere, and interesting cocktails. Thanks Tiffani and Deke for another great day!

(Posted by Laura)