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  1. Gris Svejcar Gris Svejcar

    Have your dishes survived in the sliding cabinet below the microwave?

  2. Hi Gris,
    Yes they have survived very well. It’s the perfect spot for them, really. (I wrote you a much longer note with lots of unnecessary details in response to the email you sent me…let me know if you didn’t get that and I’ll send again.)

  3. Gris Svejcar Gris Svejcar

    Hi Laura,
    The www gods must have had lunch with your note. ; ) I have so many e-mail in boxes, that I can’t find it! ; ( But, if you still have it and don’t mind forwarding to my, it would be awesome! Ooooh, I’m so happy, because my dishes have a new home! Thanks, Laura and safe travels.

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