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Retro Café Recipe Holder

I'm one of those people who sometimes prints out recipes on paper. I know, and I'm not proud, but I haven't yet found a program I like well enough that syncs from my computer to my iPhone or iPad, so I'm forever emailing stuff to myself and then using my iPhone in the kitchen (clunkily) while trying to follow a new recipe.

Today I saw this, and got one for the Airstream: the Retro Café Recipe Keeper by Studio Oh! I figure I can print out my favorites from home that I want with me and keep them in this sweet little binder for Airstream cooking. (I found mine here at Fab for about 20 bucks, but I think they're available elsewhere as well.) Ii includes clear protectors to hold 70 8.5” x 11” sheets, 6 dividers, stickers to customize divider tabs and a pocket on inside back cover. 

Screen Shot 2012-04-18 at 11.25.57 AM Screen Shot 2012-04-18 at 11.26.03 AM

In the meantime, if anyone has a good tip for a killer recipe app for iPhone/iPad, lemme know about it! (I have Yummy Soup on my Mac, but so far they don't sync with iPhone/iPad.)

(Posted by Laura)