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Yesterday was flying weather. Today, not so much.

Today is our temporary neighbor Kyle Bolstad's birthday, and we were hoping to take him for a flight in the Cirrus (the other silver RV)…perhaps a little sightseeing flight along the Oregon Coast. Today, as it turns out, is not really the day for that. Few clouds at 900', broken ceiling at 1300', 4100' overcast. 


We'll cook him some ribs on the Traeger and some cornbread tonight though, which might be almost as good as a flight in the Cirrus. (Might.)

(Posted by Laura)

  • Mmm cornbread. He’s a lucky guy!

  • Did you make it Leigh? (I posted the recipe a while back, so maybe you did!!) If you haven’t, I’ll make it in June for us all. 🙂

  • Poor Kyle — but tell him the cornbread is JUST as good as the flight. If he likes it, I’ll make it for him too. Have you you three!