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Farmers Market, Tabor Opera House, and Cowboy Mounted Shooting

This morning we headed into town to check out the last Saturday Farmers Market of the summer. It was quite small, but we picked up some nice tomatoes, jalapenos, garlic, and a box of raspberries. We put our produce in the car and went to check out the self-guided tour…

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Yo-Yo and Danny

Last night we met one of our neighbors while we were outside grilling. This is Danny, and his parrot, Yo-Yo. Yo-Yo is a 20 year scarlet macaw, and Danny is retired from The John Deere Company. Danny said they've got two other parrots as well: an African Gray, and a…


Silverton, Outlaw Steaks, Dirt Bikes, and Wally Dallenbach

I don't even know where to start. After work today we decided to drive just the truck from Ouray to Silverton (along the winding, twisty, Milion Dollar Highway, steep drop offs, hairy) to check out the campsite we thought we might head to tomorrow (the free, park wherever spot we…


100 Years

My great aunt Zelma's 100th birthday party was a wonderful success. So many people, so much love, great food and a gorgeous cake (well, two cakes) and she said she enjoyed every minute of it.  This is Zelma's portrait that we made a month or so ago, when she was…


What is it with all these grown men who walk right through the middle of people’s campsites??

These two older men who are camped in RVs several spots over from each other keep walking right through our campsite to visit. Separately, together…it's apparently their preferred path. After about the sixth time they did it this morning, I said something to Kevin like "Dude, really? The woman with…


Order for Ed!

So one time (when we were in Bandon, OR, a month or so ago having fish & chips) we were sitting outside waiting for our order. There were several tables of other people in various stages of eating and waiting for orders, and this couple on our left and kind…