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What is it with all these grown men who walk right through the middle of people’s campsites??

These two older men who are camped in RVs several spots over from each other keep walking right through our campsite to visit. Separately, together…it's apparently their preferred path. After about the sixth time they did it this morning, I said something to Kevin like "Dude, really? The woman with 8 kids across the way loudly reminds her kids several times a day not to walk through other people's campsites right in front of these guys." 

A couple hours later Kevin was outside putting up the tiki torches and I said "Awwww, sweet! You're setting up a nice little atmosphere for us! Thanks hunny." And Kevin said: "Yeah, that's what I'm doing. A nice atmosphere…." and I realized he was actually building a little tiki torch fence. 

Even better.