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Category: Oregon

Sunsets at Sea Perch

7:14pm 7:18pm  7:25pm 7:38pm 7:40pm Pretty great, isn't it? We cooked up some little burgers last night for dinner (grass-fed beef mixed with garlic, pepper, and a little chorizo, smoked for an hour and a half on the Traeger before finishing, topped with gorgonzola and bacon, served with a side…

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Coastal Living Magazine – April 2014

Remember last May when we told you we were being interviewed and photographed for an article on Airstreaming for Coastal Living Magazine (along with Kristiana Spaulding and Deke & Tiffani Waters)? Well here it is!  Coastal Living April 2014 is available on newsstands now. I haven't found a copy yet (here,…


Look Up!

We're at Silver Falls State Park this week (working, hiking, etc.) and late this afternoon we hiked from our campsite up to Winter Falls and back (about 5 miles). The thing about this particular hike is that (1) we mainly took the bike path (along with a bit of the…


Another Snow Day!

(I know, "Yawn" from all you people in the North/Northeast…sorry. It's rare here in Portland.) 🙂 The road inside the arboretum where we hike most mornings: We went on our  hike before breakfast today — four and a half miles this time (in my Bogs!). The main road from our…