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Look Up!


We're at Silver Falls State Park this week (working, hiking, etc.) and late this afternoon we hiked from our campsite up to Winter Falls and back (about 5 miles). The thing about this particular hike is that (1) we mainly took the bike path (along with a bit of the Rim Trail) because we wanted to know how the bike path was, for when we come back WITH OUR NEW BIKES! (it was not super well-maintained, covered in debris and branches from last week's storm), and (2) we never did really SEE the falls because where we turned around and headed back was at the top of the falls, so we could see the water that was about to fall, and we could hear the falls, but not SEE the falls. But we'll get to the whole waterfall thing when we do the Trail of Ten Falls hike (maybe on Sunday). 

Anyway, the path looked like this:


and this:


Lookit all that moss! You'd think we were in the South or somethin'!

We spent about 20 minutes chatting with the park host and learned that the snow up here a few days ago was CRAZY and that just yesterday most of the area was covered with 3-5 inches of water from the overflowing stream (the one right behind our campsite). Apparently the downed branches combined with the beavers building dams, messes up the flow just a bit. It's all fixed up now and we're on fairly dry ground (until the scheduled deluge begins tomorrow). Oh well, we're cozy inside, grilling some salmon on the Traeger, and tomorrow the second season of House of Cards