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Category: Fuji x100s

Around Florence

Yesterday we moved over to the Oltrarno area of Florence into to the apartment we rented for the next two weeks. (That's our new neighborhood, above.) We're on the other side of the Arno river from the center of town, and it's a bit quieter here than say, over near…

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Moody Sky

I stayed back at the Airstream and worked while Kevin conferenced it up yesterday and I needed a break from the dinette office, so I went for a short ride on the Coyote Creek Trail (6.5 miles). It was a stormy sky and a windy ride.


Sunsets at Sea Perch

7:14pm 7:18pm  7:25pm 7:38pm 7:40pm Pretty great, isn't it? We cooked up some little burgers last night for dinner (grass-fed beef mixed with garlic, pepper, and a little chorizo, smoked for an hour and a half on the Traeger before finishing, topped with gorgonzola and bacon, served with a side…

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