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One Last Ride – Coyote Creek Trail

Kevin finished up at the conference and came back to the Airstream this afternoon in time for us to take a nice 17 mile bike ride.


We rode to the store and got some supplies to make burgers (grass-fed beef, chorizo, lettuce for buns, tomato, gorgonzola, and some yams to make truffled yam fries). We mix a little chorizo in with the extra lean beef (and some of our spice rub) and it makes a really killer burger. Well, the one other time we did it, it made a really killer burger. I cooked them inside that time, and tonight we're doing them on the Traeger, so I think this time they'll be even better.

Tomorrow morning we'll head north. We're going to aim for Emigrant Lake up by Ashland tomorrow. It's Friday, so it'll likely be a gamble whether we get a spot or not. Fingers crossed!