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Category: Fishing

Juneau to Hoonah

Airship Goes to Alaska We left Juneau on Saturday morning. Our original thought was to fish a bit and anchor for the night in Oliver Inlet at the north end of Admiralty Island (not a very far cruise). However, we didn't really research it thoroughly until Saturday morning and learned…


Camp Coogan Bay, AK

Airship Goes to Alaska It was gray and rainy this morning at our Leesoffskaia Bay anchorage. We thought we'd head around the corner to Camp Coogan Bay to anchor for the night (because new place!) but first we thought we'd do a little exploring (and maybe some fishing) on the…

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We’re in Wrangell!

This morning we awoke briefly at 3:30am to what seemed like a bright and sunny day. Problem was, it was 3:30am. We went back to sleep and woke up some time after 6 and decided to get an early start. Meyers Chuck at 7am when we pulled out: Nice and…

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Cute Rubber Boots

Well these are cute. They come in tons of colors (even orange, and orange is on sale! but only in very limited sizes) and they're lined in microfleece. Designed for sailing, but you know, great for non sailing too. Tretorn Skerry | $65 (or $36, for orange!!) (Posted by Laura)

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Our Fish Finally Wrote Home

Remember when we went salmon fishing and caught the Fish With the Chip in its Head? We've been waiting for our postcard ever since and, well, it took quite a long time but it finally arrived today! The postard from about our fish: (Posted by Laura)

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