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Around Pedder Bay Marina

Last night we went down to the marina to watch the sunset and wander around. The weather has continued to be sunny and gorgrous. The Wi-Fi here at Pedder Bay is slow and inconsistent so it's a little hard to work as efficiently as we'd like to, and we've got no cell service (AT&T) until we get out toward either Sooke or Victoria, so it's a bit isolating. But it's sure pretty!





Later today we're going to go see if we can catch some salmon! In a boat! With a guide! It should be fun. I love getting out on the water to see a place from a different perspective. 


  1. Charles Fuller Charles Fuller

    I knew you were going to lunch! Great destination with Mom on a beautiful day.

  2. Tiffani Tiffani

    Nice job Betty!! And Im glad you guys got a table out on the deck this time!

    • We got there and the deck was empty, but the restaurant was pretty crowded. She said it would be about 20 minutes and that the deck was closed because it was too windy (it wasn’t too windy for us, but maybe for their umbrellas). So we walked to some shops and when we came back, she had a little pow wow with another server and they opened the deck! Score! It was lovely.

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