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Pedder Bay Marina, British Columbia

We're all set up in our new campsite at Pedder Bay Marina and it's lovely.


We left our spot in Bellingham at 6am this morning and caught the 8:25am ferry from Anacortes to Sidney, BC. 

The M/V Chelan:



We pretty quickly headed into a fog bank and couldn't see much for the beginning of the ride:




Eventually it cleared and we had a gorgeous view going through the San Juan Islands. We made a quick stop in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island to pick up a few more passengers:


Canadian waters:


Welcome to Sidney, BC:


Pedder Bay Marina's RV Resort is very nice!


Some of the waterfront spots look out over the marina, and some (like ours) look out over the back bay. Here's the marina:


And this is the view from our home sweet home:


Later in the afternoon we headed over to East Sooke to do a hike out in East Sooke Park. We parked at the Pike Road entrance (the furthest west) and took the trail out to the beach. 



The land all the way across is the Olympic Peninsula:


We hiked back up and caught the Coast Trail for a bit. Rocky and challenging in spots (but fun), the views were like this:


…and this:



Great hike! Afterwards, we drove on around the point as far as we could, and found this:


Back at camp now, we're cooking up some chicken and asparagus for dinner. The tide came in and we've got a regular bay out here now:




  1. Carrie Carrie

    I too developed an unusual and unfounded fear of quicksand as a child. Mine came after watching an episode of Dukes of Hazzard where the ‘bad guy’ gets trapped in a bunch of it. (Thanks Bo and Luke!) Children are crazy impressionable, aren’t they?

    It should be added that I live in MInnesota and as an adult I have never even heard of anyone I know actually running into a quicksand situation. However, don’t think that this even comes close to changing my view or calming my fear.

    We won’t even discuss the day my big sister made me watch “Pirhana” while we were vacationing at our lake home!!!

  2. Susan Susan

    I was 10 when the Alaska earthquake of 1964 occurred. The resulting tidal wave hit Port Alberni,which you passed on your way to Tofino. Although I lived in Vancouver, and was old enough to know better, I too was imprinted with a fear of tidal waves.

  3. Amanda Amanda

    I found your blog after doing a search for The Willows Inn a few weeks ago and have enjoyed following your adventures ever since! My husband and I have had the “quicksand fear” discussion many times and neither one of us know where it came from either. We were both born in the mid-late ’70s, me in New York, later moving to Wisconsin, and he in Minnesota. As Carrie said, we didn’t know anyone who ever got stuck in quicksand, and I’m fairly certain that the chance of anything happening in the midwest to cause a quicksand situation is slim-to-none. However, we did come across this podcast, which gave us a little insight on where this seemingly universal fear may have come from:

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