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Fishing Pedder Bay, British Columbia

This morning we got up pretty early and did a few hours of work before we took a mid-day fishing break and went out to look for some salmon in Pedder Bay with our guide, Chris.


Those are the Olympics there in the background, and the Olympic Peninsula.

Straight out of the bay we were treated to a large pod of Orcas as they passed right by us:



We caught four fish: one baby halibut, two wild Coho, and a small Spring Chinook. None of them were keepers, but all of them were fun to catch! Here's a wiggly photo of the largest wild Coho:


Oh yeah, also, we saw two bald eagles chasing and then attacking a huge crane! The crane landed in the water and the eagles kept at him. The crane would duck into the water each time an eagle bombed him, and eventually one of the eagles flew off. The other continued to attack, but pretty soon two seagulls started attacking the eagle and while the eagle was distracted by those seagulls, the giant crane flew off. Super weird and interesting (and we were really glad we didn't have to witness the eagles killing the crane, because for a few minutes that's what it looked like was going to happen). I know, they gotta eat too, and maybe the crane was injured, but I really didn't want to see that. Pretty nice of those distractor seagulls to save the day!

We're back at camp working now, while a nice little deer munches on the bushes right outside our Airstream door: