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Mini-Flotilla to Blake Island

After a delicious breakfast at Etta’s in Seattle yesterday morning, we headed across Elliott Bay to Blake Island State Marine Park. Sam and Kevin and I met up with several other brave winter boaters, and after a super fun potluck dinner last night, we woke up to a gorgeous snowy landscape.

It was early, and bed was warm and cozy, but the snow was so inviting that I suited up and went for a little hike around for some photos.

Tillicum Village:

Raccoon tracks, people tracks:

The raccoons are plentiful and bold on Blake Island. Yesterday afternoon and last night while having dinner on Safe Harbour, we were boarded several times by raccoons. Here they are scavenging down by the water:

The smallest one we saw was this little scrappy fella:

We watched two of them climb up this tree:

Anyway, back to the snow!!

Andy and Jill from Three Sheets NW (along with their boys Magnus and Porter) joined our group here as well. Their sailboat Yahtzee is there in the foreground, on the right:

We cooked breakfast for everyone over on Sam’s boat, and then afterwards, four of us decided to hike out to the west point:

It was snowing pretty heavily for most of our hike and in several places the trail was a bit on the muddy side, but it was just beautiful. So beautiful that we ended up continuing on and hiked the trail around the entire island…a little over 4 miles, and a great workout in the snow!

A few branches created a little climbing opportunity along the way:

We’re back on Airship now doing some work, and I think we’ll get together with Sam to record another Slowboat webinar/video (or two) this afternoon. I’m so glad we came out here yesterday….the snow is such a treat!