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More Seattle Waterfront

We had a nice afternoon around Bell Harbor yesterday. We grabbed some fish & chips and a beer up at Anthony’s for a late lunch and then did a bunch of work from Airship the rest of the day. The sun popped out beneath the clouds and made for some gorgeous light.

I snapped this quickly from the back of Airship last night. I love how the lights of the city bounce off the low cloud layer.

We’ll head over to the boat show later this morning. Kevin’s “Connected Cruising/WiFi in the Wilderness” seminar is today at 2:15pm…should be a good one!


  1. sanityhunter sanityhunter

    Saw your photo presentation today, great job! Didn’t get a chance to say hi (or introduce ourselves as you were swarmed by followers 😉) but hope to run into you at some point over the next couple of days. Allison

    • Allison! Thank you for coming. I’m glad it was okay…I get so nervous for these kinds of things. And hard to know what the audience wants and is there for. We’ll be at the floating part of the show tomorrow but back at the show floor on Thursday. Sam has a 4:15 seminar and Kevin has a 6pm one…so if you’re nearby and see us, please come say hi!!

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