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Another Successful Seattle Boat Show

We had a fantastic time at the Seattle Boat Show this week. Our Slowboat team gave ten different seminars spread over the eight day show, and we could not have asked for better audiences. Several sessions were standing room only! We stayed at Elliott Bay Marina the whole time and commuted back and forth to the stadium. Most of the time, the weather was horrible…rainy and windy! We were glad to have Airship all tucked into a slip on C dock.

We did get some beautiful skies and even some sun, which was a nice surprise.

While not attending the boat show, we spent some quality time with friends in the area, and managed to visit some of our favorite local spots:

Fat Bastards from Pike Place Market (we shucked ’em ourselves)
Soup dumplings at Dough Zone (shhh, we went there three times!!)
Shigokus and caesar and cava at the Taylor Shelfish Farm oyster bar
LimeBikes — public bikes for rent that you’ll find all over the city now

We took advantage of a non-rainy day to check out the on-the-water parts of the Seattle Boat Show. This is Bell Harbor:

Safeco Field structure silhouette

Yesterday we did laundry and shopped for groceries and got some more work done, and this morning we cruised an hour across to Blake Island, where we were the only boat until about an hour ago.

We immediately got out and hiked the trail that rings the island (about 4 miles). On this one hike we saw raccoons, deer, geese, herons, and eagles. It’s very “wildlifey” out here today!

The last time we were here was last year after the 2017 boat show, and the place was covered in snow!

Tomorrow I think we might head up to Poulsbo and then over the next couple days hook around into Hood Canal, making our way down to meet friends at Alderbrook next weekend. It’s nice to be back in the South Sound!