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Bar Harbor North, Ketchikan


Here are a couple of snaps I took yesterday in the marina. It was quite rainy, so I spent most of the day working and catching up on things requiring the internets (while Kevin finished up his conference in San Francisco), but I did take a break to go pick up Kevin's new copter from Frontier Shipping. (New copter!!) Frontier Shipping is great–you can have packages sent to them for a buck a box. The little circuit breaker we ordered from Fisheries Supply in Seattle (box about 2" x 5 x 7") = $1. The new copter (box about 24" x 24" x 18") = $1. They'll also hold something for a year or more. A year!!

We also bought a satellite communicator, so now when we're in the boonies away from all other connections, as long as we can see the sky we can be connected via text message, SOS call, and satellite tracking. Nice to have!

We got the DeLorme inReach SE. It'll pair via Bluetooth with an iPhone so you can use the app on your phone to type text messages or make tracking changes. Compared with the device's keyboard system (right, right, right, D, enter, down, down, left, left, left…you get the idea) it's much more efficient to be able to use your phone.

Tomorrow morning we head north for Meyer's Chuck! Being in town and catching up on work (and shopping!) has been nice, but we're ready for some more cruising!

Reflections at dusk in Bar Harbor:


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  1. Suzanne Suzanne

    Oh, promising indeed! What a nice smooth ride! All that’s missing is the soundtrack, “Come Fly With Me.” Does the new drone have a name? I nominate “Air Eagle.” Or maybe that is redundant. 😉

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