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Meyers Chuck, AK

We left Ketchikan this morning and headed for Meyers Chuck.

Passing a Holland America cruise ship on our way out of Tongass Narrows:


Clarence Strait was a tiny bit choppy, but not bad at all. Guard Island Lighthouse:


Look how calm it is just past the tip of Cleveland Island:


Meyers Chuck is about half way between Ketchikan and Wrangell (which is where we'll head tomororw). It's quite a charming little spot:




Free city float (no services):


It's so calm and quiet here today. There are just a few boats and fewer people around. We walked up to the gallery, but Cassie's gone for the week so the gallery was closed (and that means no cinnamon rolls in the morning…maybe next time). 

Trail to the gallery:



I peeked in the windows though and there look to be many interesting things in there…some gorgeous quilts, a few beautiful wooden bowls, jewelry, etc. Next time on that too!

Now we're back at Airship taking apart the outboard's carburetor and cleaning it, again, so that maybe we can get the dang thing to idle better. Kevin's got the new copter out and we may take it up for its maiden flight. It's a sexy thing, this new copter. I'm pretty sure he'll never go back to the other kind. đŸ™‚

While on the dock talking to some boat neighbors, we spied this little pipefish…neat!


Here's today's track (32.5 nautical miles, 4 hours 43 minutes):

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 4.16.54 PM

Tonight: salmon dinner and zucchini fries (thanks for that, Leigh!)


  1. Janna Clark Janna Clark

    Our favorite stop on our ferry boat hopping trip last summer–no cruise ships!

  2. Love, love, love that first picture! Good luck with the fishing.

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