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Thunderstorms and Baby Geese in Fossil Bay

We did a bit of shopping this morning in Anacortes (Safeway, hardware store, West Marine, the usual) and then headed out toward…somewhere. 

This is Cone Island, just east of Cypress Island:


We decided to head for Sucia Island, because (1) it's pretty, (2) it's got great hiking, and (3) if the weather cooperates, it'd be a nice place to try out our new kayak.

My view under way:


Up ahead and to the north we could see a pretty good amount of precip, and then a few blasts of lightning and a little thunder. Ominous, eh?


We were headed south of the storm though (and the storm was moving north). Sucia Islands up ahead:


Cool purple sky to the north:


Layers of islands:


We grabbed a mooring buoy in Fossil Bay, and this is our view from the bow (for now):


There are several boats on the dock, and a couple more on buoys. Apparently there's a yacht club gathering here this weekend, with many more boats to arrive in the morning. Welcome to the beginning of boating season! 

We took the dinghy over to the dock to register, and found a pair of geese hanging out with their new chicks (there were an even dozen of the little fuzzy guys):


We may head over to Echo Bay in the morning. It's bigger, might not be as crowded as Fossil Bay may get, and I think it might be an even better place to kayak than here.

Looking toward Fox Cove:


Looking out of Fossil Bay:


Dinner tonight will be some grilled fresh halibut we picked up yesterday at Black Rock Seafood in Anacortes, topped with some fresh crabmeat and a lemon dill sauce. I think I'll roast a few fingerling potatoes with garlic and rosemary, and throw some zucchini on the grill with the halibut. It's almost spritz o'clock! Happy Friday everyone!

Oh yeah, here's a map of today's route (21 nautical miles):

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 5.02.46 PM