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Eagles and Sunsets at Fossil Bay


Kevin changed the prop on our dinghy yesterday afternoon (from an 8" pitch to a 7" pitch) and now the boat gets up on plane immediately with two people in it. Before, it would only occasionally get on plane, so we're rockin' now! We took it out for a (fast!) test drive and spotted a couple bald eagles circling above the tree tops:



Beautiful light on the bluff:


Back to Airship:


The wind had died down by the time we got back, so we sat on the top deck for a bit before starting dinner:


The sunset here was cloudy but still beautiful:



After dinner we just hung out and read a bit. It rained last night for quite a while, and some small swells kept us nicely rocking while we slept. It's wet out today, so Kevin's trying out his Grundens. I'm going to use the rest of the crab I cracked yesterday to make us a little spinach/crabmeat/poached egg/hollandaise Florentine/Benedict kind of thing for brunch later on. 🙂 Not sure yet whether we'll stay here in Fossil Bay or go somewhere else today. 


  1. GMertl GMertl

    I subscribed and am really enjoying your newsletters. Wonderful photos and I’ve gotten several tips to use on my boat, Thanks. I’m a long-time sailor who just switched to power. Bought a 1974 Willard Vega Voyager that I’m restoring. Your newsletters have me itching to get out there on the new boat.
    Regards, Gary

    • Hi Gary,
      So glad you’re enjoying the blog! Congrats on your new boat project!
      Cheers, Laura

  2. Sadler Love Sadler Love

    Beautiful photos and great descriptions Laura. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you, Sadler, and thanks for commenting! 🙂

  3. Loved this tour of Matia Island. Dinner sounds great! Funny how we get so frustrated with technology, then find out it was something simple like a disconnected plug…not that I’ve ever done anything like that and not discovered it for days…

    • Thanks Robyn…glad you loved the tour! And yes, definitely about the technology thing…we’ve all done it. 🙂

  4. Bill Willisford Bill Willisford

    Following you to Matia this weekend. I look forward to your report on Moovbox in the Inland Passage, BC, Alaska – performance, cost, etc. We’ll be following you again. Thank you for sharing your experiences, pictures and prose!

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