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The New Faucet Uses 50% Less Water

Behold, the new faucet:


It's an American Standard Fairbury in shiny chrome. It's got a pull out sprayer with spray, stream, and pause, and a single lever on/off, and it's not too big for our fairly small sink.

The faucet that came on the boat (below) was a fixed faucet with separate hot and cold controls…and the spout didn't pivot or move at all. It blasted out the stream of water which is cool when you have unlimited water, but made it more difficult to do dishes efficiently when conserving.


We did a test before we removed the old faucet to see how long it took to fill our large pot with water. It took about 30 seconds. The new faucet takes just over a minute to fill the same pot (with spray OR stream). The pressure feels normal now, and I'm sure we'll use way less water while washing/rinsing dishes. Love it!