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Sea Lion in the City


This morning I got up and walked back to my computer to start work (standing height at the back counter) and as I took at look at the city from the back window I noticed something floating in the water. It was big and my first thought was “whale” (probably because there was recently a dead gray whale found underneath some pilings right near here). But there’s also a ton of debris that floats into this little harbor…probably it’s a lost fender or something. I got my Nikon out with the long lens and what do you know! Turns out it was the fin of a giant sea lion.


Pretty soon the sea lion came up for a lazy snarfy breath and then went back to fishing.




This guy is about 8 feet long! I took a few photos from the back of the boat, and then walked out on the dock (in my slippers) to get a better view.  


He was curious and came right over to check me out, listened to my camera click, and then went back to fishing:





Looking back at Airship from the dock across the way:


This was at around 8am, and I was out there for maybe an hour watching him and taking photos, and it’s now 11:30am and he’s STILL out there. I hear his big steamy breaths right from the boat. There must be a LOT of fish at the entrance to the marina this morning! 🙂