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Sunny Seattle


It was a gorgeous day again in the city today. I worked all morning (and watched my buddy the sea lion), and then this afternoon I took a break and walked up to the market to grab some lunch and a few things. I stopped at Beecher's Handmade Cheese get some cheese (we're currently hooked on "No Woman"), and then did a little walking and shopping for some miscellaneous things I needed. 

IMG_2899 (1)

I returned to the boat by way of the Public Market to stop and get another dozen oysters for dinner. (Kevin returns from a business trip tonight, so I'll be shucking them all for myself. Don't worry though, we'll get more tomorrow!)


I got back to the boat and chatted with some fellow Nordic Tug owners over from Bremerton (Hi Charlie and Sharon!) and then got back to the boat to find my buddy the sea lion, still lounging around here in the harbor. It's now after 5:30pm…he's going on 10 hours (at least) of lounging around eating fish. Rough life!

I just heard a particularly loud breath and looked out to see him about 5 feet from the back of the boat. I snapped, but it was too low light and too quick to set my camera up properly, so here's more blurry wildlife for you:


I think he's bigger than I originally thought…he's probably about 10 feet long, and HUGE. I said "hi" to him. I think this was him saying "hi" back.