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Seattle Public Market


This afternoon I took a little break from work and walked up to the Seattle Public Market for some fresh seafood and  produce. 

City Fish Co. was calling my name (even though the guys closer to the main entrance who do all the yelling and fish-throwing are pretty entertaining):


I passed on the uni shots and opted for a dozen Kusshi oysters and a whole cooked Dungeness crab and my bill was $24. I think maybe I got the "Seahawks go to the Superbowl" discount or something, because those oysters are $18.99/dozen and the Dungeness crab was $10.99/lb and I think I had about a pound and a half crab. (Either that or the guy helping me REALLY liked our 2 minute chit chat about yoga.) I think we'll need to return in a few days and stock up before we head out to our next destination (unknown at this point).

It was gray and rained/drizzled most of the day, but I hear the weather is supposed to improve, and Thursday and Friday both look like possible sunny days.