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A Visit to the Nordic Tug Factory

A couple months back while we were looking at boats and trying to zero in on which might be right for us, one of the things we did was get a tour of the Nordic Tug factory in Burlington, Washington. These are very well-made boats (as are the American Tugs, made in nearby LaConner, Washington — our runner up) and you couldn't go wrong with either boat. It was great to see the process, and we're very happy with our choice.

I didn't show you these earlier, because, well, it was a surprise (and we hadn't decided yet)!




Early on Tuesday morning we'll be heading north to close on the sale of our boat, and then starting right in with a few days of on-the-water training. We want to learn as much as we can (while there's someone right there to answer questions) before we strike out on our own (where we have to look things up on the internet). 🙂

After the 29th, we'll be having a few upgrades done to the boat, and once those are finished we'll probably explore the San Juans a little bit (if the weather's still decent) before bringing Airship back to Portland for some Columbia River time.

Morning at Cap Sante Marina, Anacortes:


I've already purchased a couple of the things from my Airship Decor post yesterday and I'm excited to see how they look on the boat. (I just want to be ON the boat already!) I'll wait to decide what else we want/need until after we've actually lived on the thing for a little bit. The boat is coming to us already outfitted with so many things we won't need to buy (fantastic!) but we know we're going to want to personalize the look and feel with our own bedding, throw pillows, towels, etc. 

That pillow with the woodblock print of the giant octopus attacking the boat? Yeah. I got two of those.