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Tag: American Tug

A Tale of Two Tugs

We love our Nordic Tug. And we love boating way more than we thought we would. Since the end of September 2014 when we bought Airship, we’ve spent 118 nights onboard, traveled almost 1800 nautical miles, and run almost 300 engine hours, and we’re about to roughly double that with…

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Seattle Boat Show

Tonight, looking back toward downtown from Elliottt Bay Marina (Space Needle on the left): Our first night at the marina (Thursday) we ran into our friend Sam and hung out with him on his Nordic 37 and had some wine/beer, and then he came over for a late dinner…really a…

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Why a Nordic Tug?

Some of you have asked us about our boat-buying decision, and specifically about how we ended up choosing a tug. (Note that these tugs are tugs in style only…they don't actually tug stuff.) We might have written about bits of this before, but here it is, all together! You may…

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We Bought a Boat!

Back in July when we were staying at the Point Hudson Marina in Port Townsend. That's when we caught the bug. It's remarkable that we hadn't caught it before, honestly. We both grew up sailing and boating with our families, and as you've no doubt noticed, we LOVE the marina campgrounds…

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