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Tag: Portland

Hiking in our Backyard

One of the nice things about being home in Portland is how close we are to miles and miles of hiking trails. And by close, I mean roughly 200 yards from the nearest trail.  Fall is a great time on the trails because, well, trees! Look at the richness of color…

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Work Work Work

Work work work work coffee work work working more work a tiny break then more work. Morning hike, back to work, work work, shower, food, work work work work work work more coffee then more work. Hey look, a deer is eating my plants! Back to work work work then dinner…

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Swank & Swine

There's a new restaurant in Portland (Swank) next door to a new whiskey bar in Portland (Swine) and together they're Swank & Swine, at the Paramount Hotel downtown on Taylor between Park and Broadway. They opened a couple days ago and we've been looking forward to this place! The chef…

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Rainy, Rainy Portland

The weather in Portland has been SUPER rainy the past few days, but it's fine with me because my plants are all doing well, and it's supposed to be in the 80s and sunny next week. We've been going to spinning classes in the morning down in the Pearl District…

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