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More Ships in the Columbia River

Kevin just finished two three four more videos of ships passing in front of our campsite at Skamokawa. So gorgeous, aren't they?

Also, if you're totally into it and want to subscribe to Kevin's hexacopter video channel on YouTube, you can do that here. (That link is also a link to a "playlist" of the ship videos.)

Here's Ocean Hope:

Here's Celestial Wing:

Here's Hanjin London:

and here's Saga Anorinha:


  1. June Aloia June Aloia

    Hi! Been following your blog & I love it! I really need some wifi not dependent on the campgrounds. If I get the Peplink & Cradlepoint will that hook me up? June

  2. Hi June,
    I think maybe Kevin already replied to the email you sent him today asking this same question…let me know if not!
    Glad you like the blog…we’re following your travels as well!

  3. VickiE VickiE

    What state is this trail in? It looks like fun!

    • Oregon. I thought I’d tagged it properly, and the link to the trail shows it on the map…it’s just lovely!

  4. james balboni james balboni

    I love the pics to go with your culinary creations ! I am enjoying your blog from a tugboat in the Fort Lauderdale area.

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