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This is as much as we could fit in today in Asheville

Okay I'm going to start at the end of the day.

Jim and Lisa (friends we met in Austin a month or so ago) invited us over to have dinner and drinks at their place…great food and great people! It was a fabulous way to end our visit here.

Before that we drove out to Chimney Rock and hiked up to the top. Lots of stairs, gorgeous view. This was taken from a little spot further up (more stairs!) from Chimney Rock, called the Opera Box.


Our truck's down there somewhere:


Quite a view:




From below:


Chimney Rock there in the center:


I know, it's a lot of landscape photos, but isn't it so pretty?

Before that we had lunch in town near the entrance to the park (salads at Medina's Village Bistro, pretty good).

Before that we did a nice drive on the Blueridge Parkway, and then drove a very nondirect and winding long-cut path to get to Chimney Rock. Some snaps along the way. (See! The trees are still pretty!)







And holy moly will you look at all these silver trailers!! This is the front yard:


The one in the middle between the two Airstreams is a Vagabond.

And this is the backyard:


There's an Airstream motor home, a Silver Streak, and I think another Airstream.

Before that we explored the River Arts Distict a bit. Looks cool and worth more time there. Next time!

Before that we went to the Western North Carolina Farmers Market right down the road from our campground. This farmers market is not just your garden variety parking lot farmers market…it's HUGE, and it's open every day. This is inside just one of the buildings:


I was going to take a nice photo to show you what we bought, but I didn't, and it's late, and we're heading out in the morning so it's probably not gonna happen. But here it is: quite a few different kinds of tomatoes, a couple of North Carolina Fuji apples, zucchini, a dozen farm fresh eggs, some mountain butter, bacon, a bag of plantain chips and a bag of dehydrated okra (which OMG is awesome…and I kinda want to go back in the morning and get some more before we leave), some Carolina peach butter for my mom, some marinated mushrooms and some spicy pickled okra. 

Tomorrow: Kentucky!

Here's a shot of our campsite here, from the row below: