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Last Day in Asheville, North Carolina


Well we had a really productive work day yesterday (not to mention a very nice view from our office here in Asheville). Last night we met up with a couple we met when we were in Austin at Pecan Grove…they had the Airstream next to us and we've been facebook friends ever since (Hi Jim and Lisa!). When we first started talking in Austin and learned they lived in Asheville, we'd really never heard of it (nor did we ever imagine we'd BE here a month and a half later!). Cool how things work out sometimes, huh?

We met up last night at a little bar/tapas place called Sazerac and had a great visit with them (and we had sazeracs). Jim and Lisa recommended that if we were going out to dinner after we left there, we try a Spanish place up the street called Zambras. The wait was about an hour, but the ambiance of the little cozy pillow-tossed corner table we got was sweet and romantic and the food was great! Thanks for the recommendation, guys!

Today we slept in (Saturday!) and we're about to have some breakfast and then head out to go see some more stuff. There's a big Farmers Market right down the road so we'll probably gather some produce there for our next few days…then probably head out for a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The weather is gorgeous today: right now it's 40F degrees and clear and the high is supposed to be 66F.