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We Are Loving Asheville, North Carolina

I can see how people come here to visit and never leave. It's a great city…reminds us both a little of Portland, actually. 

We got up early to go grab breakfast and walk around downtown a bit before we started our work day. I took quite a few photos of the Jackson Building:


Built in 1923-24, this unique structure was the first skyscraper in Western North Carolina, and was constructed on an amazingly tiny 27 by 60 foot lot that many believed to be too small to build on. Designed by architect Ronald Greene, this steel-framed Neo Gothic brick and terra-cotta structure is adorned with dramatic stone gargoyles near the top. In its early days, one of the buildings most unusual uses was as a "clean-air lookout". Many of Asheville's buildings were heated with coal, and every morning the city inspector stood at the top of the Jackson Building to watch for excessive smoke as building furnaces started up. If heavy smoke persisted for more than 5 minutes a citation to clean the furnace was issued. Source



Love the gargoyles up there.

This partially covered old building-side advertisement is pretty cute. Glad they kept it.


Now we're back to work, but I think we're going to stay an extra day in Asheville. Yay!


  1. Hey Guys,
    Have been following your blog for several months now. Thank you for religiously posting–not everyone is as faithful as you are! If you have time while you are in Asheville, you should take a quick drive to . This is an incredibly beautiful, yet small, CG that overlooks the French Broad. Glad to hear you are enjoying Asheville. It is one of our favorite destinations!

  2. Thanks Mitchell! That campground looks beautiful! We will definitely be coming back to Asheville…I think it’s now one of our favorites too! -Laura

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