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We’re in Kentucky!

We got up early this morning (with the help of that extra hour!) and were on the road before 9am. Yeah, shush, it's early for us.

The drive through the Smoky Mountains was gorgeous. Pretty much looked like this (and better) the whole time:


Then through Tennessee and on to Kentucky…pretty, uneventful, pleasant drive.


Once in Kentucky I noticed that many barns and fences are painted black. We looked it up and learned that people paint the barns black to increase the inside temperate for tobacco leaves…helps to sweat the leaves faster. Some use a creosote type of "paint" because it keeps bugs/termites away, and some use regular paint. It's a unique look though…I'll get some photos while we're here.


Woodford and Buffalo Trace are not that far from where we're staying.


Here's our new spot, right on the Kentucky River…with its own deck, even!


View of the river from the deck:


It's beautiful and quiet and peaceful. Our AT&T cell service is fluctuating between no service and one bar, but the campground has good fast Wi-Fi so that's what we'll do for now. We'll turn on the cell booster in a bit to see if we can successfully make a phone call, but right now, we don't really care. 

Kentucky River Campground. Full hookups, deck, Wi-Fi, cable television, right on the Kentucky River: 28 bucks/night. Sweet deal!