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Dent? No Dent.

Most of the time, the skin of our Airstream looks great. Except for when it's dirty, of course. No scratches or dents or anything. (Well, except the little bits of filiform corrosion, but we're working to keep that under control.)

Very occasionally, however, it'll look like there are a couple of dents in the aluminum. It's freaky. I think it's likely when the Airstream skin is heating up or cooling down, but it's a little unnerving. I managed to capture a photo of it looking scary this morning. There's this one large area above the beltline, and sometimes two smaller areas below the beltline just like it.


I just went out there to look at it again, just to be sure, and yep, it's all gone and looks nice and smooth. What the heck? Anyone else notice anything like this on their trailer?


  1. Mary Kay Mary Kay

    We have the same thing happen with our Airstream. First time I spotted it, I about had a heart attack. I think you’re right, it must be heating/cooling because it disappears and reappears.

  2. brad and maggie brad and maggie

    Yep Happens to us too. Sometimes a big one (a foot or so across) in the center panel of the curb side. Heart Attack was the right word until Ithought about it a while.
    Brad and Maggie

  3. Scott Mc Scott Mc

    We also have the same thing! We have a large dimple that appears (I think) where the fridge is located (on the outside). Freaked us out when we first saw it…

  4. What about expansion and contraction of the aluminum?

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