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Afternoon Sail in the Columbia River


We headed out with the Hobie this afternoon to do a little sailing. The wind had picked up but it wasn't looking quite as rough as it was yesterday (um, whitecaps and 3 foot swells, wind 18mph? Yeah, we were soaked).

It was beautiful out this afternoon and we headed down river for a bit before we decided to take a little detour through a slough that cuts through Welsh Island (see our track below). The Hobie Tandem Island is so good for everything around here. You can sail as much as you want (top speed today was 7.7mph), and then if you want to go explore somewhere like these little back sloughs and there's little or no wind, just furl the sail and pop in the mirage drives and pedal a bit. We never needed the mirage drives today because the wind remained our friend even through the "swampy back roads".





Dry camping status report, Day 3:
Solar/battery state of charge: 90%
Fresh water: 3/4
Gray water: 1/8
Black water: 3/8 (because I've been pouring dishwater in there occasionally)
AT&T cell service is good
Verizon data card working fine
No Sprint service whatsoever, as usual
The park has showers so we're taking advantage of those. 

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  1. Love those Mirage drives . . . sounds like a fun day . . .

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