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Airstream Style – Outdoor Chairs

We need new outdoor chairs.  The chairs we have are cute, but they were cheap and they're slowly coming apart. I want something a little nicer this time, but something comfortable and durable that also has some style. Here's what I've been looking at:

I absolutely love these sling chairs by Gallant & Jones.  They are purported to be very well made, with quality materials and fabulous fabrics, and therefore…not at all cheap.  One of these deluxe versions (with removable fabric and headrest) will set you back $400 bucks (!!!). If I were putting them on my deck at a summer house in the Hamptons, maybe. But in a campground…tough to justify. But dang they're cute.

This colorful wooden sling chair from Pottery Barn is $149 but it looks like it only has one position (reclined) and I might want some options for sitting around a campfire roasting marshmallows.

I found this bamboo version for $40 at a place called Plow & Hearth. Also cute, and could really go well with a tiki-inspired Airstream theme, and what a price!

Have you found chairs you love? Tell me about them!

(Posted by Laura)


  1. Douglas Trout Douglas Trout

    I just bought a couple Zip Dee chairs from Airstream. I like the quality of the construction although they only have two color options if you order from the factory (gray and striped). My wife and I met a Zip Dee rep at Alumapalooza and he said they will make the chairs in any fabric they had. They were about $100 each but I really like them. My only gripe is that they have a chrome like finish that may get dirty with the type of camping I do. Good luck and happy travels!

  2. Laura Domela Laura Domela

    Thanks Doug! I just found these red ones, too:

    Do you guys find that they’re comfortable? I mean, probably most chairs will beat our 7.99 specials we’re using now (cute 7.99 specials, but still…)

    Update: Okay I bought two of ’em. I figure if I love ’em and want two more, we could get the gray ones if I can’t find anymore red. Thanks again Doug for the Zip Dee reminder.

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