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Airstream Style – Bedding and Pillows

I think I'm going to start doing occasional "Airstream Style" posts. One thing about the Airstream is that it's small. And small means that once you get that perfect whatever-it-is, you're kinda done decorating. And I love that part. So I think I'll keep decorating without buying by posting my finds here. 

Here is the bedding I chose for our Airstream:

2011AS_beddingThe duvet and shams are Dwell Studio for Target, the first pillow is Bella from Chiasso (left), and Dwell Studio for Target (middle, right).  It feels fresh and bright and the gray/silver ties in perfectly with the aluminum interior.

In the same color scheme, here's a duvet set from Chiasso (called Bella, that goes with my one rogue pillow. I love this set too:


This one by Dwell Studio for Target, with a chocolate damask pillow (Dwell Studio for Target) and a fuzzy cocoa pillow from Pier 1:


And this one!!  I love this, but unfortunately Urban Outfitters no longer has it in stock.  It's a great reproduction of the 50s birdcage fabric, and how great would it look paired with these velvety plush pillows from Pier 1?

And here are few pillows I've been eyeing for a while now and figured I'd share. The first ones are pillow covers from Ikea called Vilmie Figur, the second is from Anthropologie, called "Growlight" (it's got yellow/white stripes on the reverse!), and the last one is Dwell Studio for Target.



And these, I've been coveting for like a year now. I need to just buy them already.* I think they'd go great with our new silver upholstery on the sofa and dinette.


*Ordered. Phew. Glad that's finally done. 🙂

(Posted by Laura)